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The General Statistics Office has said, due to dry weather, some local high wildfire risk, especially in the mountainous areas in the provinces north. In May there were 340 hectares of damaged forest, including forest fires is 167 has; area is broken 73 has.

So, overall 4 months of the year, damaged forest area is 840 has,   57,3% compared to the same period last year, including forest fires is 675 has,   51,4%; deforested area is 165 has,   87,4%.


The statistics agency also noted, in months 4, all over the country have occurred 232 fire, explosion, do 7 deaths and 3 injured, estimated losses 77,6 billion. Generally in the first four months of this year, all over the country have occurred 1000 fire, serious explosion, do 44 deaths and 80 injured. Damage caused by fire, estimated explosion 274,8 billion.

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