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Chứng chỉ rừng (Forest Certification) là sự xác nhận bằng văn bản (giấy chứng nhận) cho một đơn vị quản lý rừng hoặc hộ dân có rừng đã đạt được những tiêu chuẩn quản lý rừng bền vững do tổ chức cấp chứng chỉ hoặc ủy quyền được cấp chứng chỉ quy định. Nói cách khác, đây là quá trình đánh giá về quản lý rừng để xác nhận chủ rừng đã đạt các tiêu chí về quản lý rừng bền vững hay chưa? làm cơ sở cho việc xác định tính hợp pháp, giá trị của nguồn gỗ cung ứng trên thị trường.

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Green energy is a relatively new field in Vietnam, not many companies operating in this field so businesses Denmark difficult to find business partners.

Meanwhile, Denmark has a lot of wind power companies, solar energy and is very interested in this potential market.

Currently Denmark is to find solutions to bring green energy production in Vietnam market through meetings, dialogue between the two sides.

This is shared by John Nielsen, Danish Ambassador to Vietnam at the press conference in the framework of the implementation of the program continues to support corporate and social responsibility of business, by the Embassy of Denmark held on 27/6, Ho Chi Minh City.

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On 26/5, Meteorological Agency World (WMO) notification CO2 concentration in the atmosphere has exceeded new, indicates the urgency of efforts to restrict emissions of greenhouse gases do cause warming.

WMO said in April last, average CO2 concentration in the atmosphere for the first time exceeded 400 parts per million in the Northern Hemisphere, polluted areas than the southern hemisphere.

This phenomenon occurred in the northern hemisphere spring, but this is the first time the average CO2 concentration exceeded this month. WMO said the average CO2 concentration will exceed global 400 parts per million in the year 2015 or 2016, than 393,1 parts per million in the year 2012.

According to WMO head Michel Jarraud, need to consider changes in the wake of the current state emissions causing climate change. He also warned the world not have much time to stop this trend increases.

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Increased sea temperatures in the Pacific along the ocean currents that move heat to the east has raised concerns that the El Nino phenomenon which will occur this year will be the most intense of the past few decades.

This is the conclusion of Dr. Wenju Cai, Weather expert at the Organization for scientific research and industrial Australia (ACSIRO), after studying the data of the U.S. agency responsible for the atmosphere and ocean.


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The General Statistics Office has said, due to dry weather, some local high wildfire risk, especially in the mountainous areas in the provinces north. In May there were 340 hectares of damaged forest, including forest fires is 167 has; area is broken 73 has.

So, overall 4 months of the year, damaged forest area is 840 has,   57,3% compared to the same period last year, including forest fires is 675 has,   51,4%; deforested area is 165 has,   87,4%.

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