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CCCSC recently participated in a 'Regional Dialogue to Improve Food Security Policy in Myanmar and South East Asia'. The dialogue took place in Yangon, Myanmar,  December 2-3 2013, hosted by the Food Security Working Group and funded by the Livelihoods and Food Security Trust Fund (LIFT). The dialogue brought together politicians, researchers and development workers from the AESEAN region to discuss ongoing projects and the lessons learnt for food security policy.   CCCSC presented our on-going research relating to the changing approaches to food security policy in Vietnam.

The main topics of discussion centred around: the need for policy to be sufficiently dynamic to respond to changing agro-climatic, socio-political and economic contexts; the need for clear regulations relating to food safety; the need for clear strategies for the implementation of policies by various stakeholders; the role of indigenous knowledge in policy development, particularly in relation to understanding climatic events and change at the local level;  the need to focus on small-scale farmers, particularly in relation to agricultural extension and access to credit; and the importance of land tenure security.
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