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                                                                  Dr. Le Thi Hoa Sen

                                           Hue University of Agriculture and Forestry


        Da Loc commune is vulnerable to increasing extreme weather events. The damage caused by Typhoon Damrey in 2005 was a pivotal moment for the commune, leading to mangrove reforestation initiatives for disaster risk management. Involving local communities as direct partners led to this project’s success compared to earlier less participatory initiatives. In the interim years required for the mangroves to reach maturity, unanticipated secondary benefits have resulted. In addition to the income benefits from enhanced aquaculture, mangroves also serve as powerful carbon sinks. Thus, while originally designed as an adaptation measure, the project is an example of strong synergies with significant mitigation benefits. It has shed light on a number of important issues:  

   -     Official recognition of community management rights over the mangroves has been critical in ensuring the sustainability and commitment of local communities. However, currently these rights are short term (five years). The sustainable management of the mangroves is contingent on establishing longer-term community rights.

-   Trade-offs have emerged that may threaten the project. The income potential of aquaculture practices that are destructive to the mangroves is proving a strong temptation. Careful analysis on costs and benefits of both adaptation and mitigation actions is needed.

-    Unless equitable benefit-sharing mechanisms are ensured and participatory decision- making processes are incorporated for the well-being of vulnerable community members, there is a risk that the success of the project will be compromised.

-   Pre-existing, locally adapted knowledge can be highly beneficial to projects. Understanding and incorporation of local knowledge may lead to innovations that enhance effectiveness and improve uptake by local communities.


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