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Vietnam started an economic reform process (Doi Moi) in 1986 and has achieved an average growth rate of 4.3% per year. Vietnam recognizes the significance of the WTO in the development of the global economy as well as the economic growth of individual countries and is in the process of accession negotiations. When Vietnam becomes an official member of the WTO, Vietnam agricultural products including tea may be affected by the regulations of WTO.

A number of studies on WTO accession for Vietnam broadly predict opportunities and challenges when Vietnam becomes WTO member. However, there is still an absence of studies on the potential effects of international trade liberalization at the individual household level, especially on poor households in remote areas who are in deep poverty. Building on earlier studies, this research aims to analyze the potential impact of WTO accession to the rural poor households who plant tea in Dai Tu district, Thai Nguyen province.

The research selected methods including literature review, focus group discussion, observation, in-depth interviews, survey, and PRA-methods to collect data. Two communes Hoang Nong and Phu Xuyen in Thai Nguyen province were selected and 100 households were chosen randomly for interviewing in each commune.

Through Scenario Analysis, the study shows that there may be negative impacts on the overall income of different groups of tea farmers, especially the poor group. Thereafter, some further impacts can be predicted in terms of poverty, unemployment and tea productivity for farmers. However, it is important to look at both short-term and long-term impact. In the longer-term, if Vietnam tea farmers can rapidly respond to short-term negative changes by turning to innovation for example increasing tea productivity, potentially they may benefit from the WTO accession.





Bạn đang ở trang: Home Ấn phẩm Luận văn thạc sỹ Nguyen Le Hoa (2006) - Potential Impact of WTO Accession for Tea Farmers in Vietnam The Case Study in Dai Tu District, Thai Nguyen Province