This is the sharing of Mr. John Nielsen, Ambassador of Denmark in Vietnam with the press in the framework of the seminar on the continued implementation of the Business Support Program and Corporate Social Responsibility, led by the Embassy of Denmark. The circuit was held on June 27, in Ho Chi Minh City. Explaining the green energy issue in Vietnam has not attracted many foreign businesses, Mr. John Nielsen said that the electricity price in Vietnam is too low compared to With the world average, investors who want to enter cannot have a competitive electricity price, so investors do not know how to price electricity to match the market. In order to attract foreign investors in this field, the Government of Vietnam needs to expand policies and markets to attract foreign investors in this field. In Vietnam since 1997, with a funding of about 74 million USD, the program has supported 300 pilot projects in more than 150 long-term partnerships. In Vietnam, assessing the results of the implementation of the Business Support Program in recent years, Mr. John Nielsen said that Vietnam is one of the countries to successfully implement this program. doing business in Vietnam after the end of Denmark’s financial support, the support program focuses on many areas such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, clean water and school sanitation, and treatment waste, food, healthcare and education. Therefore, in the coming time, Denmark will continue to implement the Business Support Program in Vietnam. Denmark will provide an official development aid (ODA) of 90 million USD to Vietnam in the period 2014-2015. At the same time, there is no limit to the ODA fund for business support, just two companies between the two countries find a feasible project, on average Denmark supports this program from 5-7 million USD each year. This will also consider to support the initial establishment step, the important thing is still activities between the two sides. At the workshop, the delegates focused on sharing and discussing about corporate social responsibility, This includes updating Danish businesses and Vietnamese partners on changes in labor policies, the Labor Law and regulations related to occupational health and safety, the impact of Workshops are organized to help businesses of both sides have the opportunity to exchange and seek opportunities for cooperation and to establish projects under the Business Support Program. more than 130 Danish companies are investing in Vietnam, mainly in the fields of information technology, food, and pharmaceuticals.

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