General information about the Center CCCSC Functions Central Climate Change Research Center (CCCSC) is a unit with the function of scientific research, training, and consulting services related to the impact of change. climate; Capacity building to adapt to climate change and mitigate the effects of climate change; Advise stakeholders in the selection of models to adapt to climate change, reduce greenhouse gas emissions in agricultural production and land use; Consulting on the fields of disaster risk management, natural resource management and environment. CCCSC’s tasks Carry out research related to climate change impact assessment, climate change adaptive capacity and mitigation. Mainstream climate change adaptation and mitigation. GHG emissions mitigation into strategies, plans and plans of the agricultural sectors, natural resource and environmental management in accordance with legal regulations in effect at the time of implementation. short-term creation in the areas of: Climate change; Inventory of greenhouse gases in agricultural production and land use; Natural disaster risk management; Sustainable management of natural resources and environment Build and develop a network for sharing and exchanging information with domestic and foreign research organizations through organizing seminars, seminars, study tours Provides consulting services in the fields of climate change, disaster risk reduction, greenhouse gas emission reduction in agricultural production and land use, greenhouse gas inventory, management Management and sustainable use of natural resources and environment.Delivery scientific and technological products related to the functions and duties of the Center. – Hue University has the mission of training high-quality scientific and technical human resources, scientific research and technology transfer to meet the needs of agricultural and rural development for the Central, Central Highlands and the whole country towards regional and international integration. In the context of increasing impacts of climate change on agricultural and rural production and development, the establishment of the Central Climate Change Research Center aims to carry out scientific research related to Adaptation and mitigation of the impacts of Climate Change on agricultural production and communities in Central Vietnam. Since its establishment under Decision No. 1222 / QD-DHH-TCNS dated December 30, 2009 Director of Hue University, the Center has carried out many activities in accordance with the assigned functions and tasks. The Center has been implementing a number of domestic and international projects and projects, implementing consultancy contracts in a number of related fields in the Central region.