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This thesis has set out to explore changes in income generation activities and access to natural resources in two villages: Ha Cong village, Quang Loi and Dinh Cu village, Phu An. Problems in the income generating activities have been identified and how households have responded to these problems. The study was conducted during five months of field work from November 2005 to March 2006. The study made use of methods and tools including (1) Collection and review of secondary data; (2) Key informant interviews; (3) Household interviews (4) Focus group discussions (FGDs); (5) Life histories/story telling.

The thesis provides a synopsis of income generation activities in villagers in two locations. They were sampan people previously who have been settled. Both villages depend on natural resource use for making a living through access to Common Pool Resources (CPRs) as they have no land to support subsistence needs. It presents the diversity of income source, the degree of diversification and household assets of these households. Due to the fact that the changes in lagoon resources and the socio-economic development has created some opportunities for making a living (support inland settlement and aquaculture), however they created lots of problems as follows: fishing ground is limited; fishery resources have declined; the privatization process of the use the water allocation was supported partly by government and the effects of customary access to CPRs continued. These affected the small fishers in Dinh Cu village, Phu An. In response to the above problems and opportunities, these households have been diversifying their income activities in different ways that depend very much on options available in the locality.


For further research, in the context of the Tam Giang lagoon, it is necessary to build mechanisms to secure the poor’s access to the lagoon resources. In order to reach this purpose, action research will be proposed together with the involvement of all stakeholders in research implementation. The development of aquaculture in Tam Giang lagoon has privatized the CPRs, it is necessary to build proper planning so that the poor may have access to be involved in it. Research on supporting income diversification of the poor is needed so that they may improve the income and reduce the pressure on lagoon resources.


Bạn đang ở trang: Home Ấn phẩm Luận văn thạc sỹ Nguyen Thi Tuyet Suong (2006 ) - Income generation activities of traditional fishing groups