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Vo Ngan Tho. 2006. Livelihood of people living in peri-urban area. Case study in Hung Long commune, Binh Chanh district, Ho Chi Minh city. Master’s thesis.


This thesis is aimed to explore livelihoods, especially on agriculture, of people living in peri-urban area which is considered as a transition area between urban and rural settings. Hung Long is a commune of Binh Chanh district – one of five peri-urban areas of Ho Chi Minh City. This commune remained as a vegetable and air plant farming area supplying Ho Chi Minh City. Characterized by a mixture attributions of two distinct areas, Hung Long commune has complexity and diversity in household livelihood outcomes, making it difficult to define clearly. Main objectives of the research are (1) to define in what extent that the poor differed from other non-poor groups; (2) to explore the agriculture context in the commune; and (3) to identify how household livelihood outcomes were built.

A combination of qualitative and quantitative methods is used to inquire information and data of village 1 and 5 of the commune where most livelihood activities took place. Two group discussions are used respectively in the two villages to get general information and people’s perspectives of their livelihoods outcomes. Then a sampling of 118 households is conducted to gather detailed quantitative data on household assets.

Hung Long commune has favourable condition for agricultural production. People in this area have tradition in vegetable and air plant cultivation which are also ain source of on-farm income. However, Hung Long commune has face problems caused by the transition of livelihood strategies of local households recent years. The youth are not interested in farming. They diversify income towards non-agriculture activities, especially the poor. Although livelihoods of local households are heterogeneous, typologies of livelihood outcomes which are different among income groups are found. The poor tends to spread their income amongst typologies those are inclining to rice and non-farm income. Whereas higher income groups specialise their income towards cash crop cultivation.

Although the case study cannot answer all research questions, it is a learning progress to study on such special peri-urban area of Ho Chi Minh City based on livelihood approach. It can also be used as a cross sectional example for further research.


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